The Steele Foundation is committed to helping children develop into confident, happy and healthy human beings. Our philanthropic resources are focused on education, culture and the safeguarding of children by supporting organizations that share our passion. Today, we invest approximately $3 million annually in the following program areas:

Support education from preschool through college

Creating educational opportunities for those with the passion to succeed

  • High impact early childhood education
  • Innovative schools and programs with track records of raising student achievement
  • Programs that focus on the theme of first generation college graduation

Provide cultural opportunities in the arts and community

Adding vibrancy to children’s lives and their local communities through the arts & community building

  • Expanding unique learning opportunities and overall enjoyment outside of the school setting
  • Educational programs focused on interaction between children and artists
  • Community garden and urban revitalization projects that enhance neighborhoods, create a sense of community pride and provide a safe place for children to play outdoors

Safeguard children from abuse, neglect and hunger

Addressing the safety, nutrition and well-being of children to encourage optimal childhood development at home, school and at play

  • Child abuse prevention programs targeting at-risk families
  • Programs for vulnerable children who are in need of tools for a successful school year
  • Nutritious meals delivered in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Enhancing the safety, quality and curriculum in birth to five child care environments